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Backfill products can be used for as simple of an application as raising the grade of a field to as complex as building a Mechanically Stabilized Embankment for a freeway interchange.

Knowing the expected performance of the backfill determines both the material used and the installation process. Whether you need an ultra-low cost option to fix the grade on a job-site, a spec or recycled material to backfill a trench or a clean-draining engineered product, we have the material.

In addition to our regularly stocked items below, we routinely work with contractors to create specialty blends to meet job-specific requirements.


Bank Run gravels are an unsized, unprocessed glacial gravel which are generally well-packing and used in applications where the grade needs to be raised several feet or more. While we don’t size this material, we do remove all large boulders for easier grading and less wear and tear on equipment.

We sell Bank Run gravel at our Richfield and Lisbon Pits.


Designed to meet the various specifications for Mechanically Stabilized Embankments (MSE), we offer a range of products for these applications.

We stock MSE Wall at our Richfield Pit, but can produce it at our Jackson Quarry and our Lisbon Pit/Quarry for larger jobs near those locations.


1-1/4″ Recycled Concrete is made from 100% recycled concrete, is well-graded containing all sizes under 1-1/2″, and well-suited for trench backfill or even some road base applications.We carefully monitor the incoming quality of our broken concrete to ensure that you get what you paid for: recycled concrete – not mud and clay mixed with some concrete.

We stock 1-1/4″ Recycled Concrete at our Richfield Pit.


1″ Crushed Fill Gravel is well graded from 1″ and under, meeting the City of Milwaukee’s specifications for trench backfill, and its tight-packing nature makes it ideal for raising the grade of building or parking lot pads.

We stock 1″ Crushed Fill Gravel at our Richfield and Lisbon Pits.


1″ Crushed Fill Limestone is similar in gradation to our State Spec 1 1/4″ Base Course, but contains a higher percentage of fines making it more suited for backfill applications.

We sell 1″ Crushed Fill Limestone at our Jackson Quarry, but our inventory fluctuates with the geology of the pit, so call ahead for current availability.


Screened Sand is an unwashed natural sand less than 1/2″ in size. Screened sand is ideal for applications where better workability and some permeability is required.

We stock Screened Sand at our Richfield Pit.


Ultra-fine Washed Sand is a washed, well-graded natural sand from #600 mesh (20 μm) to #100 mesh (150 μm). Better packing than coarser sands, but still permeable, Ultra-Fine Washed Sand is non-abrasive making it an ideal solution for:

  • Underneath pond or landfill liners
  • Backfilling sensitive utilities
  • Mixing with soils or composts
  • Raising the grade of a non-load-bearing surface.

We stock Ultra-fine Washed Sand at our Lison Pit/Quarry.



When low-cost is a premium and varying gradations are acceptable, we work with contractors to remove the overburden materials from our Lannon, Sussex, and Jackson Quarries. Varying in geology from silts, clays, and loams, to rocky gravels, overburden from a quarry can be a viable alternative for many jobsites.

Using your equipment, ours, or a hybrid of both, we work with contractors to minimize their total backfill job costs.