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Lannon Stone

Lannon Stone Products produces and sells quality construction aggregates from 5 locations in southeast Wisconsin, serving the concrete, asphalt, road-building, grading, utility, landscape, environmental, and building stone industries.

Our commitment to quality ensures that our products will meet all state, local, and customer specifications.

Our 5 locations and our in-house trucking firm, Certified Truckers, ensures that our products will be delivered on time and with the lowest total-cost to most locations in Southeast Wisconsin.

Our Richfield Pit is co-located with our clean-fill tipping site, Moraine Development, allowing our customers to load over a dozen aggregate products minutes after dumping their clean fill, often saving thousands of dollars in trucking per job.

We continue to invest in plant, equipment, and process to become the highest-quality and lowest total cost solution for our customers.

We aim to serve the needs of our customers, and will work with you to meet any specification for your job.

We deliver material to contractors and the public, but, for your safety, we only allow contractors to pick up material from our quarries and pits. The general public may pick up our materials in any quantity from Johnson’s Nursery.