Delivery Service

Lannon Stone Products uses trusted independent contract haulers to deliver your right product to the right place. Please contact us for your delivery needs and see below for details on how our delivery process works.

What to Expect

Large Dump Truck

Our dump trucks weigh 73,000 pounds loaded (That’s 5 elephants!) and are roughly the size of a large garbage truck. Our independent contractors, Certified Truckers, are experienced drivers but be aware we can’t always accommodate every delivery location. Due to the size of our trucks, our minimum delivery is 10 tons for private deliveries. 

Delivery Time

We know receiving your material at the right time is important. Lannon Stone and Certified Truckers does everything possible to get your load deliverer at the right time and right location. However, delays can happen due to unforeseen challenges. Please call in advance to schedule your delivery.


Lannon Stone only guarantees delivery to the curbside and dumping in large stockpiles. Drivers will not spread loads at private residences. Anything beyond that is up to the discretion of the driver and depends on the condition of the site. Safety for the driver, you, and your property is important to us.

Be Prepared for Delivery

Powerlines and Trees

Dump trucks are very tall when their beds are raised. In fact, when fully elevated truck beds can be as tall as a two-story building. Please note any trees, powerlines, or obstructions at your delivery location.

Muddy Areas

Inspecting the site condition is critical to the safety of the driver and your. Please be prepared to tell us and the driver about the ground condition including any soft or muddy areas.

Underground Infrastructure

Underground pipes and utilities can be damaged by a fully loaded dump truck. Note any underground infrastructure that is at risk before placing your order. Lannon Stone and Certified Truckers do not consult on infrastructure risks or site hazards.

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