The primary function of agricultural limestone products is to allow for a natural chemical balance in soils. Aglime and barn lime are natural ways to increase crop yields in a wide range of soil conditions and maintain barns for livestock. Soils can become acidic from high rainfall levels through leaching and crop removal.

The quality of agricultural limestone is determined by the chemical makeup of the limestone and how finely the stone is crushed. Our aglime products are regularly tested by UW Soil & Plant Analysis Lab for quality assurance.

We produce two products for agricultural use from our West Quarry location.


Agricultural Limestone


Agricultural lime, also called aglime or garden lime, is a soil additive made from crushed limestone. The primary active component is calcium carbonate. Aglime is a soil conditioner used to provide a base to correct the acidity of the soil. Application of an aglime can contribute to soil acidity balance and correction. Aglime will:

  • Increase the pH of acidic soil
  • Provide calcium and magnesium for plants
  • Improve water penetration
  • Improve the uptake of major plant nutrients

Proper application of aglime is essential to soil quality. Too much aglime will sterilize the soil. Proper soil testing and application is necessary for a healthy soil.

Aglime is also used for mudjacking, concrete repair by lifting and leveling the falling slab back into place

We stock aglime at our West Quarry.


Barn Lime


Barn lime is a crushed limestone where the primary active component is calcium carbonate. Primary uses include bedding as an anti-slip agent for livestock, drying out walkways, and disease control for livestock.

We stock barn lime at our West Quarry.



Ultra-fine Washed Sand, also known as Cow Sand, is a washed, well-graded natural sand from #600 mesh (20 μm) to #100 mesh (150 μm). Better packing than coarser sands, but still permeable, Ultra-Fine Washed Sand is less abrasive making it an ideal solution for Cattle Bedding.

We stock Ultra-fine Washed Sand at our Lisbon Pit.

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